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    Ends with a tail
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Does somebody need a holiday?

Welcome to Exclusively Spaniels

We love spaniels. Whether they're crazy, backflipping, running round in circles, or just snoring on the sofa. Maybe it's the ears? Maybe it's the mop feet? Or maybe it's just their cheery disposition. Who knows, but we think they're great.

We have a pretty full house with 4 spaniels and 2 honorary spaniels, and we know how difficult it is when you have to go away and leave them. Will they be looked after? Will they have a good time? Will they be scared if they're staying with other dogs that don't share their happy-go-lucky temperament?

With Exclusively Spaniels you're in good hands. We only care for spaniels (and their friends) and we treat them as part of our family. Our facilities have been designed with the comfort of our guests in mind. With hospital grade interiors and well insulated, bright and airy rooms. We guarantee they'll love it here. In fact, if they don't enjoy their time with us we'll give you a full refund!

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Or drop in and have a look at our facilities. We don't bite.

Why Choose Us?

There are a few good kennels in the area and there's certainly no shortage of dog walkers. We're different. We only care for spaniels because we believe they're happier when they're with other spaniels. Making sure our guests enjoy their time with us is our top priority.

Private Boarding

No floppy ears? Sorry, no entry unless accompanied!

Small and specialist

We have more time to spend with our guests

Secure Facilities

You got a digger? Or a jumper? We've got it covered.

Around the clock care

We live and work right next door. 24/7 cover.

Our Services

Dog walking

We have 10 acres of land that's been planted with trees specifically for dog walking. Our guests can relax and enjoy a walk knowing that they've got the whole field to themselves.

Overnight Boarding

All of our rooms are large enough for two guests, are fully insulated, and feature a covered, sheltered run with views over the surrounding countryside.

Doggy Daycare

Our facilities are also available for day care. As well as our walking area we have a large secure outdoor play area where our guests can catch up with friends. Or lie on the trampoline in the sunshine if that's more their pace.

Spaniel Splash

Let's be honest. Sometimes spaniels can get a bit grubby. Rolling in the mud? Swimming in the river? All part of the fun. We have dedicated bathing facilties to make sure your friend comes home looking and smelling fabulous.



Guests enjoy at least 3 laps of our field per walk



We serve two nutritious meals per day


Nose Rubs

Cuddles on tap



Hand made and delicious

Our Prices


£20 /day

2nd dog only £15 per day
  • Modern insulated room
  • Secure play area
  • Private walking trail
  • 1 daily walk
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£30 /day

2nd dog only £15 per day
  • Modern insulated room
  • Secure play area
  • Private walking trail
  • 2 daily walks
  • Bath and dry
  • Adaptil Room Spray
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Super Premium

£35 /day

2nd dog only £15 per day
  • Modern insulated room
  • Secure play area
  • Private walking trail
  • 3 daily walks
  • Bath and dry
  • Adaptil room spray
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Call Us

Phone: 07901 836 009


High Smithston Farm, Maybole, Ayrshire. KA19 7JJ

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